Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chicks Ahoy 2011 Toronto Roller Derby Champions

The magic of the Gore-Gore Rollergirls was slammed down to the track by the domineering Chicks Ahoy. The 2011 Toronto Roller Derby (TORD) Championship game 'Battle for the Boot' was won by Chicks Ahoy 111 to 46 and the hits were fast and furious on the Saturday, June 25th game at the Hangar. The cats came out to play but they ended up swimming with the fishes.
Death Track Dolls Land Shark and Speedin Hawking before the fireworks begin.
These two teams have met in the final championship game many times in the past and this win brings the Chicks closer to the Gore-Gores record. The girls in green led from the early rounds of the game and never looked back. They found Bambi's number and  while she was more than capable of moving around the opposition, it was hard to do when she was on the ground.
There were a couple of medical attention incidents including a bloody nose on Chronic.

There is more action after the jump.

The celebration of victory and congratulations begin.

And so ends the Toronto Roller Derby's fifth season.

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