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Honda Indy Toronto grandstand locations

The fence and the grandstands are starting to really take shape now at the 2011 Honda Indy Toronto. New fences and concrete barriers form the outline of the track. Pictured above are the pit lane suites looking east towards Princes' Gates and below just before race weekend.
The pit lane concrete barriers are in place running parallel to the stands - the left side towards the stands is the crew area, across the barrier is the hot part of the track. Here is the Honda Indy Toronto map of the site.

The sponsor posters are going up - but still no start/finish line painted yet.
panorama of pit lane

Starting on pit lane.... Pit Lane Suites
pit lane suites looking towards the entrance to the pits and BMO Field

Gold Stands
gold stands under construction in pit lane

See more stands after the jump.

gold stands looking towards pit entrance

Start/Finish Suites
start/finish suites looking towards the pit exit, princes' gates and turn one
panorama looking into pit lane (left) and track (right)
Princes' Gates and turn 1

Across the road along the Direct Energy Centre are a number of stands, starting at turn 11, is the Dr Pepper stands. Looking from turn 10 towards turn 11, below, with the pit entrance on right and track on left, just under the pedestrian bridge. The Dr Pepper stands are just on the left side, past the bridge.
turn 10

Shick Hydro Stands
In turn 11, just at the pit entrance and across the track from the Dr Pepper grandstands sits the Schick Hydro Stands.
view from the stands

Dr Pepper Stands
here is the Dr Pepper stand at turn 11, looking towards pit row and a closer view to the adjacent road.
It looks like half the Dr Pepper stands are on hold as Nunavut Road remains open and splits the stands in two. Once the road is closed and the barriers are up the stands can be put together. There will be a TV screen and a beer garden between the Dr Pepper Stands and the Ferrari Suites (above with canopy).
looking from the stands onto the track through the new fence into turn 11
The Dr Pepper stands have been put together now that Nunavet Road has been closed.

Ferrari Suites

Update: Enter here for a chance to win a Ferrari Fan Zone Experience at the 2012 Honda Indy Toronto! Contest closes June 28, 2012. Ten tickets are available to be won by Toronto Grand Prix Tourist Blog readers! Great odds for a great event.

Ferrari suite looking towards the track

Silver Stands
panorama of Direct Energy Centre and the silver stands
silver stands

Turn 1 Suites

Sitting right beside the Princes' Gates (at the left side of the picture) and at the end of the Start/Finish straight away, the suites sit high for good views, especially of the turn which leads down to Lake Shore Boulevard.

Turn 9/10 Stands
panorama of towards pit entrance with turn 9/10 stands on right
turn 9/10 stands looking towards turn 9 and BMO Field
view from turn 9/10 stands into track
looking onto turn 10

Budweiser Winners Circle - beer garden, Bud girls and Bud Stands
At the corner of turn 10

turn 9

Turn 9 Stands
Great view of the S curve.

from turn 9 looking towards turn 8 and the GO Station
between turn 7 and 8, along the Gardiner
turn 4 looking to turn 3 and Lake Shore

Turn 3 Stands
looking across Lake Shore towards turn 3 stands
turn 3 stands looking into turn 3

Thunder Alley

 General Admission Thunder Alley Stands

Close up view of new barrier and fence system

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