Friday, June 24, 2011

Conrad Black back to the pokey

Reuters is reporting that Conrad Black was sentenced to return to prison for 13 months. The whole story was fascinating and I would have loved to have met him in his prime, Babs by his side, as he sued everyone who spoke out against him. The building above is Conrad's old headquarters, the very place where he spirited away boxes of files while on camera in the alley to the right.

Reuters says "St. Eve said she would grant Black up to two months before he must surrender to finish out his sentence, noting that unlike U.S. citizens convicted of financial crimes, he was not eligible for a low-security prison "camp." He also is ineligible for a halfway house before release.As a British citizen convicted of a felony, Black will be forced to leave the United States on release, but he may be allowed to return to Canada. "I have always tried to take success like a gentleman and disappointment like a man," Black said."

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