Thursday, June 09, 2011

ttc streetcar boneyard

I think I found a place where dying streetcars go when they know their time is running out. The ttc streetcars slowly lumber into the boneyard, somehow following genetic instinct that leads them to the hidden place (or the overhead wires, I am unsure at this time in my research) where they gather in groups, seeking comfort and group friendship as their time comes to an end.
I feel sadness as the huge beasts settle to a squealing halt and the last of remaining life exits the metal body. Maybe scavengers will come to pick over the carcasses much like a copper thief in an electrical station looking for copper wire. Or maybe the place is sacred and people will stay away while the dry air keeps the remain remarkably in good shape - it looks like they could stir and head out on the tracks at any time.

I will try to return when it is a little foggy out, I need to see these streetcars in the mist. It's time to contact David Suzuki, I think he can help in my studies, or give me a transfer.

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