Monday, December 10, 2012

Fort York Frost Fair

Soldiers of the 10th Royal Veterans Battalion perform for visitors to the winter festival at Old Fort York in #Toronto. The 8-9 December, 2012 weekend Frost Fair (10 am to 5 pm) featured period costumes and activities as well as the military exercises and musket firing.
The black powder of the muskets explode with smoke and a loud bang, while the rest of the city rises in condos and office buildings behind the soldiers, undisturbed by the demonstrations.
The Frost Fair brings the festive season to the parade grounds and Upper Canada fort buildings with reenactments of life around 200 years ago. There was a Christmas Market where you could see and buy period clothing and wares from local merchants. You could also make a Frost Fair souvenir on the Mackenzie House proof press. Some of the friendly vendors included Cyrus Wakefield Inc, Frontier Popcorn, Joseph the Chandler, Linda's Early Fashions and Spencer's Mercantile. Hot Choclote demonstrations and samples were provided by the Historic Division of Mars Inc.
Sugar candies and the official candy of the War of 1812
York Regency Dancers perform 1800's old style line-dancing demonstrations
The fort lies beside the elevated Gardiner Expressway, which was moved to allow the fort to remain, and provides an enjoyable escape from the bustle of the large urban surroundings.

"Feel the excitement and charm of the festive season in Upper Canada some 200 years ago when the local Christmas Market was one of the social and shopping highlights of the year. Wander through the historic buildings of Fort York where merchants in period dress will be selling quality goods inspired by the 18th and 19th century. Try your hand at one of the many activities scheduled throughout the day, including printing your own Frost Fair souvenir. Warm yourself by the bonfire or in the cheerful glow of the Officers’ Mess kitchen. On Saturday, visit with the Royal Veteran Battalion and watch them practice their exercises and musket firing!"
Everyone seemed to wear hats - without any sports team logos
Some of the hats did have fancy logos

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