Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa and Mrs Claus in #Toronto

The jolly, happy couple brought the festive season to the Distillery_TO during the continuing Lowe's Christmas Market. On Sunday the rain tried to keep away visitors but the warm fires and free booze samples brought them back - Ho Ho Ho! I was totally fooled by the cutie at top - that's not Santa, that's a dog in a Santa suit. Here is the real Santa.
Santa keeps busy while the elves keep up the toy production lines
Mrs Claus is hot, not really what I imagined she would look like. She makes story time fun

See more of the Christmas Market after the jump.

The hip, red brick neighbourhood is always fun to visit, with so many events filling the pedestrian alleys. In winter the Xmas fun has music, carols and booze samples that can keep you occupied for several hours. On cold, damp days the fire pits provide some welcome heat. As we sat by the fire on the wet seats, leaning in towards the flames, you could see the steam leave our clothes.

Glenfiddich scotch tasting and education was very well attended
12, 15 and 18 year old Scotch Whiskey
The Hannaford Youth Band

December 16 was the last day of the Lowe's Christmas Market. You will have to check back next year for Santa and Mrs Claus.

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