Saturday, December 15, 2012

Google World Search on Canada

Top trends in Google searches for Canada showed that #Toronto was our country's most searched City in Google Maps for 2012. Take that Brampton - actually they weren't even on the list. The top searches can be found on Google's Zeitgest site: Zeitgeist search results for 2012. The top three most searched Canadian destinations were 1. Hotel, 2. Restaurant and 3. Camping. I did a double take there, I mean camping? How did that happen so often? You can explore the culmination of a year of searches on Zeitgeist - see where a the worldwide 1.2 trillion top searches brought online viewers. Do you feel lucky, punk? Because if you do please press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
Top searched Canadian cities in Google Maps: 1. Toronto, 2. Montreal, 3. Calgary, 4. Vancouver, 5. Ottawa, 6. Edmonton, 7. Winnipeg, 8. Winnipeg, 9. Niagara Falls and 10. Quebec City.

I looked at Google Web Search to see the top twenty Toronto tourist attractions and they were as follows: 1. CN Tower, 2. Toronto Zoo, 3. Toronto Eaton Centre, 4. Paramount Canada's Wonderland (not even in Toronto), 5. Casa Loma, 6. Royal Ontario Museum, 7. Rogers Centre, 8. Toronto Islands, 9. Air Canada Centre, 10. Art Gallery of Ontario, 11. Ontario Science Centre, 12. Hockey Hall of Fame, 13. Yorkville, 14. Distillery District, 15. The Beaches, 16. Kensington Market, 17. High Park, 18. Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 19. Massey Hall and 20. Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.

Google Trends shows that the search for Toronto tourist attractions peaks in July. I love summer too!

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