Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deadmau5 billboard

A cat busts out of a Deadmau5 mouse head in the "album title goes here" album cover advertisement that appeared over Yonge Street at Sunrise Records, across from Gould Street. The artist behind Deadmau5 is a #Toronto based electronic dance music performer named Joel Thomas Zimmerman. He recently proposed to the inked up Kat Von D on twitter - true love in 140 characters or less.
Next door is the American Apparel lady bending over sideways in a red, white and blue gymnastics outfit. I am not sure what billboard I like best; the cute mouse/cat on the left, cute girl dressed like a superhero on the right. And American Apparel wins.
Mounted police ride south on Yonge Street
out now. Is he ever, meow

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