Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Snow Monkeys of Japan

Japanese Macaque snow monkeys spend the day grooming and hanging out in the hot springs of Nagano, discussing politics and economic policies, while visitors drop by, fascinated by the cute and fuzzy primates.

Maybe the North York, Toronto Ikea Rhesus Macaque monkey is a relative of these guys. The Ikea monkey wore diapers and an adorable jacket when he escaped both his cage and his car. He was later caught by animal control and taken from his owner as it is illegal to have these types of primates as pets. I love the twitter joke where they photo-shopped the monkey in front of Ikea shouting "start the car, start the car!"
Monkey Park sign
A baby monkey's tiny hand

See more of the monkeys and sights of Japan after the jump. Posted by Joe Hamilton.

"Because there is the situation when a step is bad, please be careful"
The animals live in a close society and a special hot spring tub is built so people can really get up close to the monkeys.
A little monkey comes in for a hug
Baby monkey right out of the hot springs drips with water

The Toronto CN tower is seen in profile with other towers around the world
Temple statues

Love all the vending machines
The Colonels KFC figure looks like a male sex doll dressed up as Santa
The Nyanron-Hanten Vampire-Dining Bar, it gets busy at night but it is dead during the day

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