Sunday, December 16, 2012

Match Game: Darrin Rose is the blank

Host, @DarrinRose is the Host. I was biking down Yonge Street in #Toronto when I turned to someone who was walking towards the curb and I did a double take - it was Tim. I asked him if he was Tim and he said no, so I said I had to take a picture anyways. I explained that I thought he was one of the Tim bar codes in the Tim Horton's commercial and that he was also in the game show where everything was blank (man my memory is bad), which of course is Match Game. Then he said yes, that was his him and his name was Darrin.

First of all, I love that show (it's even coming on right now on Comedy), second of all, my wife and my brother love the show as well, third, it's Canadian so the big prizes are like $200 (though I did see someone win a couple of grand and I am pretty sure the network had them whacked). Plus, "there are no words you cannot use" on Comedy Network, especially when there are icicles on my blank.

I came home and told my wife I saw Tim. She put up her hands as if to say which Tim, then when I didn't answer she asked if I meant Darrin. I couldn't believe she guessed it, but then she really gets me.

"Hosted by Darrin Rose, Match Game features two competitors and a panel of six celebrities, leading to unlimited homegrown hilarity. The series will put some of Canada’s funniest people in the spotlight, as the competitors have to ‘match’ their answers to fill-in-the-blank questions to those of the panelists  Through three rounds of play, only one competitor is left to go up against three of their chosen celebrities, with each matching answer increasing their winnings. In the final round, competitors spin the Star Wheel and play against the celebrity the wheel lands on."

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