Thursday, December 06, 2012

DO NOT be rude #Toronto

The city's advertising displays litter downtown sidewalks and do not stop anyone from plastering signs and banners on any available surface. Sometimes, though, they have interesting things posted. I found this sign that has two women facing each other with the saying "DO NOT be rude". According to the rules of all caps they are shouting DO NOT, which is really rude!

Here is my top ten list of rude things in Toronto.

1. On busy peak hour sidewalk traffic people walk slowly in packs and no one can pass. Or they talk on the cellphone and immediately slow down to a crawl. Or they just stop.

2. Pedestrians that break the law and get mad at cars when they honk.

3. Leaving dog poo after their dog does their business.

4. Not understanding a queue. I mean it is a simple line - don't bud.

5. Aggressive homeless that ask for money and then swear at you when you don't cough up some dough.

6. Drivers that cut in at the last minute on the eastbound Gardiner off ramp onto Spadina. (and any other off ramp).

7. Bikers that don't follow rules and then get mad at car drivers.

8. Stores where they staff stay on the phone or they don't talk to you, except to say how much you owe.

9. Sarcastic people.

10. People that litter. It is an amazing sight when someone tosses a bag of garbage out their car window.

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