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TYSFF: Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

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#Toronto Youth Shorts provides talented young filmmakers a showcase for their creations during the June 2 to 3, 2012 4th annual film festival. The ability to get short films in production and before a juried audience is a chance to improve their craft and continue making films until one day they get into TIFF, release a blockbuster or maybe do both. It's there chance to get in the spotlight.
The works, which range over a variety of subjects such as drama, animation and documentary, are shown in three segments: Young at heart, Our zany adventures and A different perspective. The awards gala happens June 3 at the Granite Brewery.

See the press release which notes some of the best films of the festival after the jump.

Young Toronto filmmakers find opportunity with the Toronto Youth Shorts

The festival takes place on June 2-3, 2012, with multiple screenings and an awards ceremony. Every year, the festival brings in a jury comprised of notable insiders in the film industry. Sitting on this year’s jury include Matthew Hogue (programmer for the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival), Kiva Reardon (staff writer, inMovies and contributor to Torontoist) and Rich Williamson (award-winning filmmaker, The Sugar Bowl and Unsinkable which was a finalist in the International Doc Challenge and played at HotDocs).

The following lists some of the best films that will be showcased at the festival this year. A full list of all the films and their synopses is available online at

I Wish For... by Dhenzel Obeny - Animation/Alternative
An experimental animation asks if we have forgotten the gifts that have made our society functional. Also played as part of TIFF's Next Wave.

In Bubble Trouble by Iain Lew Kee - Animation
A boy finds a way to escape detention. Winner of Audience Choice awards at TUFF and Regent Park Film Festival.

Tainted by Ben Brommell - Documentary
Kyle Freeman became an accidental activist when Canadian Blood Services sued him for flaunting a controversial policy on who can donate blood.

Ostrichcized by Benjamin Brook - Animation
One member of a group is left out until a hidden talent is revealed. Special Jury Selection at the Toronto Student Film Festival

Backwards Rider by Chris Barnard - Documentary
A look at Lesley Slowley, a local artist and environmentalist who has a backward riding philosophy and rides his bicycle backwards throughout the city.

Mile Zero by Roop Gill and Jean Francois Taylor - Documentary
Two friends travel across the country to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research.

Bad Movie by Trevor Chartrand - Documentary
Some people love guilty-pleasure cheesy movies, like The Room (which plays at The Royal every month) and would flock to the cinemas to see them over and over again.

Vernal Equinox by Haiwei Hou - Animation
A warrior must fight the beast holding Spring hostage to end the torment of a forever winter. Also selected as part of the first Toronto Animation International Film Festival.

The Beautiful Dead by Spencer Ryerson - Documentary
Joe Caputo, a forensics photographer for the Toronto Police, uses fine art photography as a hobby to cope with the job.

Dolime Dilemma: Water Proof? by Kristy Neville - Documentary
Guelph's pure water source is threatened from the actions of a mining company and the various levels of government are at odds due to different interests. Winner of Best Documentary at Niagara Indie Film Festival.

Prolepsis by Maikol Pinto - Drama
A news signal that is seemingly from the future is aired, causing political factions and communities to be at odds with each other over this enlightening information.

Heart of Perception by Fabiola Alliu - Drama
John is a homeless man visited frequently by his daughter Alice. Alice takes up photography as a way to make peace with the situation.

About the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival (Toronto Youth Shorts) is the premiere showcase of cinematic work from local emerging filmmakers aged 14-28 in the Greater Toronto Area. The festival provides a professional forum for participants to professionally engage a network of peers working in film and video and strengthen their skills via feedback from experienced industry veterans. For more information and other festival details, visit

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