Tuesday, May 01, 2012

MAYDAY #Toronto 2012

Hundreds gathered at City Hall as the MAYDAY #may1TO Protest rallys began at 4pm on Tuesday May 1, 2012.  After listening to a few speeches they started the march to Alexandra Park. There were a number of protesters clad in black with face masks, as pictured above, but the march and rally were peaceful.

 They stopped at a few intersections along the way before they poured into the park at Dundas and Bathurst. The police waited patiently at most intersections except at Spadina and Queen where the police moved people out of the intersection with calls of public safety.
Police presence is high, mostly of the bicycle variety. I saw some horse trailers but no mounted police yet - or any riot police. Parked on Bathurst are a couple of paddy wagons, cruisers and motorcycle police. At 9pm the group is supposed to march to some undisclosed location for a 24 hour occupation which will end with no evidence of protest, disembarking the park at 10am to march to the Barrick Gold AGM. They settled for Simcoe Park which is directly across from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Blowing bubbles
Happy dancers with the band Rhythm of Resistance
The leading banner on Queen Street West
Someone gets a police helping hand out of the Spadina and Queen Intersection

See more protest photos after the jump.

Dan Dicks, left, from Press For Truth documenting the protest
Occupy tent clown lady

See more of protest kitty here

Entering Alexandra Park wearing Guy Fawkes masks from V is for Vendetta

When the protesters decide to head out on the reoccupation march the police line up along Bathurst
Providing direction to the secret site

At Simcoe Park with Jay; Marshall and Police Liaison

The police let the protesters stay in the park overnight - as long as they didn't try to put up any tents or other structures.

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