Saturday, May 26, 2012

OSPCA #Toronto Walk for Animals

Hundreds of dogs brought their owners to Coronation Park for the first annual Ontario SPCA's Toronto Friends for Life! walk-a-thon presented by IAMS. The dogs came in all sizes and ages for Toronto's largest walk for animals. The event even had a Spokes-animal; a German Shepherd named General who was rescued from an abusive situation and adopted to a loving family.
Tanya Kim and her dog Miss Louise

eTalk anchor Tanya Kim was the Honorary Chair of the walk-a-thon and she cut the ribbon to start the 3km walk along Martin Goodman Trail. She brought along her dog Miss Louise and joined in the walk along the lakefront path. "It's fantastic to see so many people and their pets come together for the Ontario SPCA and take action against animal cruelty. Animals bring so much joy, laughter and love to our lives. I don't know what I'd do without my Miss Louise. She makes me a better person!" said Tanya Kim.
Team Lizzie

Dogs, owners and friends gathered together in the animal friendly event, listening to a live band play some tunes while a lot of butt sniffing dogs got to know each other.

The Friends for Life! walk-a-thon helps to raises funds to support the Ontario SPCA and it's fight against animal cruelty and for the promotion of animal welfare.

A Pug in a wheelchair joins the walk-a-thon

See more of the dogs after the jump.

There were a lot of dogs in shirts and bandannas
Mist tents helped to keep the dogs cool

Police Canine team
Starting to gather at the start line

Getting the start ribbon / giant bone ready for the start
Tanya Kim cuts the start ribbon

The walk begins. Can you imagine trying this with cats?
There was face painting, snacks and after the walk-a-thon there was a barbecue
Some dogs, big and small, got carried

On the walk the dogs took time to visit a few of the onlookers

The Ontario SPCA is a non-profit, registered charity that provides animal protection, care and rehabilitation, veterinary services, community outreach, advocacy and humane education. Approximately 92% of its funding comes from donor support, the money raised by the walk-a-thon will help to continue the association's rescue, relief, sheltering and animal welfare efforts. And now here are a few more dogs.

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