Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Rogers Media Up Front

The red carpet and giant balloons wait at the #Toronto Hard Rock Café for the 2012 Up Front Rogers Media TV Sales after party event on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. The Fall television launch includes Citytv with the release of it’s primetime schedule for the 2012 season. In Canada pitches will be made to domestic advertisers and the press for Rogers, then Global Television Up Fronts tomorrow and CTV follows on Thursday.
This sales job will secure advertisers spots on the shows months before the new television season rolls into town. Growth in television advertising dollars is suggested to continue at a mild pace, unlike the falling prospects of newspaper and the flat radio advertising revenues. Internet growth continues to lead the media pack. Advertisers need to keep it varied as many people watch television and surf the net at the same time.
I haven’t bought a newspaper for over a year now and when I do read one it is either one of the free editions, or one of the big boys (Star, Sun, National Post) that love to give away their papers on the streets of Toronto. While I listen to radio in the car, my kids tend to bring their own CDs and generally skip what is happening over the airwaves.

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