Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Molson M Liquid Art #Molsonm_art

Cold brew is the sunshine liquid of summer. A large mural is being painted to suggest that Molson Coors microcarbonated beverage called 'M' is in fact liquid art that flows from the billboard onto the wall behind.
As artists paint the main artwork a separate artist is adding the names of twitter users that have tweeted using the hashtag #Molsonm_art. The beer maker will also donate a dollar for each twitter user to the Canadian Art Foundation during the four week campaign. See more of the artists at work after the jump.

Update May 23, 2012: The painters have turned the creative design into a large scale mural on the side of the building. My twitter handle @jmhcet has now been added to the work. The work also includes a van totally covered in paint.
The sign now reads "Thanks for participating. Every tweet helped Molson M donate $20,000 to the Canadian Art Foundation."
Some of the last twitter handles placed on the wall
The painters admire the finished project

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