Friday, May 25, 2012

Score: Bud Light Lime Mojito on Yonge Street

To what did my eyes behold but the sight of Bud Light Lime Mojito free samples being given out on Yonge St in #Toronto. The team was in white and green and they were outside the Eaton Centre on Yonge Street with their shiny white Bud Light Lime Mojito branded SUV, checking IDs and offering a double pack of the nectar of the gods, and if not the gods, maybe the Kraken. When you release the Kraken you will need more than a two pack though, and the taste of lime makes the Kraken kind of scrunch his face.
The team was out at a few locations around Toronto giving out samples at King at Brant and Yonge at Queen. It was funny because the location on Yonge Street was just a few streets north of Temperance Street. Remember to drink responsibly.

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