Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ned Hanlan: Jacked up, tires stolen

The mighty tugboat Ned Hanlan has been put up on blocks and I think someone took it's the damn tires. Car jackers seem to be starting to move into the boat business.
On sober second thought I found out that the Ned Hanlan is being moved from it's recent hole in the ground in Exhibiton place - and it never had tires! Laurie McCulloch Building Moving has put the stout little ship onto a large, multi-wheeled trailer for it's planned relocation to Hanlan's Point on the Islands. Update: Here it sits in its new home - photos Feb 2, 2013.

Planned redevelopment of the land around the former Marine Museum into a 26-storey, 320 romm hotel requires the steel boat to take a hike.  See more of the ship after the jump - and now with photos on the Toronto Islands.

They have already bought tickets on the ferry to Hanlan's Point. It should fit just right on the Ongiara. If not they could try to float it over, but I think it might act like a submarine after so long out of the water.

It's semi-permanent vacated hole in the ground

On June 26, 2012 I caught up with the ship after it was moved across the harbour on a large barge and deposited on the shores of the Toronto Islands at Hanlan's Point.

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frabs said...

Sheesh -- I wish people could learn the difference between its and it's. I know, I know, the apostrophe usually denotes possessive. But not with it's, which is the short form of it is. So when you say it's tires, you're saying it is tires. And that's just tiresome to my eyes, when you ought to have written its tires.

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