Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whistler at Redpath Sugar

One scoop or two? The green St Lawrence Steam Ship is docked at the #Toronto Redpath sugar production facility along Queen's Quay as a large crane reaches deep into it's hold to unload raw sugar. The large ship has many holds along it's length, broken into compartments. The large doors fold up to expose the raw resource and allow access by the crane.
Someone had time to lean, so they had time to clean. The blast of water cleaning the deck comes pouring out of the anchor holes. The ship rides high as the sugar gets taken out of the holds. Check out how close they bring the front of the ship to the dock.

Sugar Beach visitors relax in the sun as the ship's cargo is carried into the production facility right beside the park.  On the other side of Redpath Sugar are several new condos being constructed within a sugar can throw of the plant. Residents will have to get used to the sickly, sweet smell coming from the sugar factory.

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