Monday, May 14, 2012

Tiny Mini Guy with Marge and Maggie Simpson

Marge Simpson's towering blue bouffant hairstyle created a shadow following behind the tiny, red convertible Mini Cooper driving along Queen Street West in #Toronto. The Mini Guy's little car, sort of an open style clown car, had the driver and a passenger in the front seat. In the back sat Marge Simpson cradling daughter Maggie, in probably an unsafe manner had they been real.
Bart and Homer were probably in the glove compartment, ready to come out when they arrive at their destination - which in Canada must by a Tim Hortons! Ahh, Homer likes his donuts.

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Me said...

Actually saw this today in Oshawa. So cool!

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine aerated this guys lawn in Oshawa 2 days ago. I met him too. Really cool guy. Has a matching trailer with homer and bart in it. Connects to the mini. Very cool. Guy tells me its the most photographed car in the world. No doubt. I believe it.

WashuOtaku said...

Thought I share this screenshot I discovered while using Google Street View on King Street in Toronto:

Was a bit surprised.

Unknown said...

Just saw this car in Santa Monica near the Third Street Promenade!

Amanda said...

I saw him on St. Patrick's day in Manhattan Beach, CA!

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