Sunday, September 16, 2012

Urban Goose Chase

Teams of two or four in orange competed head to head in the #Toronto @UrbanGooseChase where smartphones played a big role in the adventure game. Teams collect mission points with a phone app - scan the missions and chose the order you want to complete them then earn points when you are successful. Bonus points were given for outrageous outfits!

The event only lasts from 1-4pm and happened on Saturday September 15, 2012 and the teams I ran into looked like they were having a great time.
"Take a smartphone-powered scavenger hunt. Mix in some Fear Factor. What do you have? Urban Goose Chase. Get out of your comfort zone. Take on daring challenges, hilarious missions, fun times, and friendly competition!"

Here are the descriptions of two of the missions you could take on.

COFFEE BAR STAR | 250 POINTS: Create a great Benihana-calibre teppanyaki routine at the condiment stand of your local coffee shop. The photograph must be an action shot!

Imagine standing in line for your daily cup of coffee when all of a sudden a group of people storms into the shop, heads directly to the cream and sugar station and then proceeds to throw packages of Splenda in the air while group members try to catch them with wooden stir sticks! Someone takes a picture and then just as quickly as they appeared, they're gone! You know bystanders will have an interesting story to tell around the watercooler on Monday!

CROSS DRESSERS | 1000 POINTS: Find a pair with a passion for fashion and swap their outfits with 2 members of your team. Before and after photo proof is required.

We never thought teams would even try this. "Where are they going to find 2 (sane) people who want to give up their clothes?" We're always surprised how many times we're wrong! There is no shortage of people willing to trade clothes with total strangers under the guise of "Help-us-win-this-game!". It's the odd couples that make this Mission so much fun, like the construction workers who swapped outfits with the Japanese exchange students, or the lawyers and the mannequins in the store window!

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