Saturday, September 01, 2012

#Toronto Zombie Wrangler

Head zombie wrangler Adrienne Everitt, above, leads the black clad security agents for the annual @TOZombieWalk. She and her crew make sure that the zombies can feed on brains in safety, which is important when you have thousands of zombies parading through the streets of Toronto. This is important because you don't want to kill the undead - it might redead them, make them twice as hungry for brains.

I ran into Adrienne at this year's FanExpo where she was attending with Ad Astra which is a fan-run literary convention. She wasn't in uniform but I recognized her anyway.
This is the 2012 poster for the 10th annual walk taking place Saturday October 20, beginning at Nathan Phillips Square. They were kicked out of Trinity Bellwoods Park and face a strong financial penalty as a result of the move. The $3-5,000 event cost has climbed to $9,000 because of the additional costs from the City. They raise money through sponsors and special events like the recent Bloods N' Suds Car Wash (you can see her trying to crawl into a car window to scare the occupants).
Here she is helping to lead the walk so that Zombies can eat brains in safety

We can see Zombies this weekend at Nathan Phillips Square as part of the Bikers & Bullys Without Borders Marathon. The marathon started August 29 in Miami and will be at Toronto City Hall by Sunday September 2, 2012. A huge party starts at 11am featuring music and entertainment and the Zombie Walk will have a booth for the event.

The marathon is "to raise funds and awareness about rescues, responsible pet ownership and to help S.O.A.R. (Southern Ontario Animal Rescue) raise funds to get eye surgery for Riley, a 9-year-old, semi-blind Rottweiler. The Toronto Zombie Walk will have a booth at the end of the marathon. Come see us and listen to some great music while you’re there. The party starts at 11:00 am in Nathan Phillips Square and won’t stop till the bands stop dead! Featured artists are: The Dregs, Dust & Bones, The WARR Experience, Rise of the Lions, West Memphis Suicide, Raised Emotionally Dead, and the Toronto debut of the NEW Almost Alice Show (Alice Cooper tribute)."
Zombies gather in the bowl in Trinity Bellwoods Park
Then the zombies and the wranglers head out onto the streets
Most of the wranglers wear the patch of Umbrella Corp

Not Umbrella - just riot police in the streets of Toronto during G20

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