Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

The season of the undead rises in #Toronto with #Frankenweenie and @TOzombieWalk. I fear the reaper and the concession stand at the movies - oooooooohhhhh, the horror. Officially it goes spring, summer, fall, undead and then winter. The undead equinox falls on Halloween.
Victor's attic laboratory where he brings Sparky back to life

This is the Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition which was found at the 2012 FanExpo extravaganza. The displays features props, sets and puppets from the movie.

Frankenweenie is a story of a little boy named Victor's who brings his cherished dog Sparky brought back to life in black and white, stop motion 3D wackiness. I don't think there are too many normal thoughts running around in Tim's cranium! I mean do you remember his 2011 tiff exhibition?
Some zombies probably dying for the Zombie Walk

First out of the grave in 2012 is the release of Frankenweenie on October 5, followed by the Toronto Zombie Walk (photos from 2011) on October 20 and finishing with attack of the Halloween treats on October 31. You can find movies playing in Toronto at Toronto.com.

See more horror after the jump - if you can conquer your fear!

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