Friday, September 28, 2012

Beacon in Brookfield Place

@sbNuitBlanche Beacon, 2012 in #Toronto rising in the middle of Allen Lambert Galleria of @ArtsBrookfield Place. The bare bones lighthouse structure is by Alison Norlen and is a little underwhelming in the harsh light of day - it gets lost in the amazing arched space within Brookfield Place. At night the girders and metal pipe will probably be lit up - presumably like a lighthouse, and should be more impressive. As a bonus the work is situated in one of my favourite indoor spaces in Toronto!
"Situated within the sprawling steel and glass arcade of Brookfield Place, Beacon is a tribute to the once futuristic dream worlds of pleasure palaces and World's Fairs as well as to the memory of the nearby shoreline long lost beneath the city’s surfaces. Stripped of purpose and relevance like so many of its tarnished predecessors, the 30-foot architecture retains iconic significance, an expressive monument to past grandeur, wonder, and invention, capturing the vaporous zone between past and future."
In Yonge-Dundas Square they are preparing Reflexion by Aaron Moran which is either a video crystal or a giant origami installation. Either way you can become part of the art by interacting with it.

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