Friday, September 07, 2012

Brazilian Flag Raising at #Toronto City Hall

The green and yellow flag of @VistBrazil was raised today to mark Brazilian Independence Day at Toronto City Hall. The noon time ceremony took place on Friday September 7, 2012 and completes the festivities planned as part of Brazilian Day/Week.
The City of Toronto allows flag-raisings to draw attention to fund-raising drives, multi-cultural events and national or independence days and the flags fly for up to two weeks. Only flags of non-profit, charitable organizations or the flags of nations recognized by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs are allowed to be flown by the City of Toronto.
There are four flag raising events planned: September 18 Wiphala Flag Raising, September 17 Mexico Flag Raising, September 7 Brazil Flag Raising and September 1 Arthritis Society Flag Raising.
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The flag raises high in the concrete jungle
Chairs and podium are set up and ready for the ceremony

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