Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cutting Edge Fashion Connoisseur

Keeping an eye on cutting edge fashions in #Toronto is almost a full time job for me, especially since I rode in an elevator with Jay Manuel and absorbed so much style sense just from his silver hairdo. I would have learned more but we were only together for a few floors.
With cooler weather already upon us and the official start of fall happening this Saturday September 22, 2012 I like to keep my eye on fashion that keeps us warm, yet still remains classy and will endure throughout the years. Just a few short weeks ago I discovered a new trend in hats - teddy bears. The large stuffed teddy bear is suitable from early fall to early winter - just keep away from rain or snow as the bear tends to absorb water which will just turn out bad for everyone. Sort of a poncho, sweater and stole all rolled into one.

The brown bear pictured above is at the upper limit of wearable teddy bears, any larger and you will need to be an Olympic athlete and that is a lot of training just to wear a bear. You can also shake things up by using other stuffed animals. Alex the Beaver (CNE mascot) is an example of a hat that is just too big, but can you imagine saying "I am going to wear that beaver as a hat"?

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