Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blue Friday and Blue September

It's time to be blue #Toronto as prostate cancer awareness takes over September and holds a special Blue Friday on September 14, 2012. "Get Blue! Face Up to Prostate Cancer" wear blue or paint your face blue this Friday. The month long campaign started in the US but it should spread into Canada.

"Funny man, Donald Faison (supplied photo at top), from the comedy series Scrubs, is also putting his popularity to good use and supporting the campaign. Faison said, “I will be affected in some way in my life by prostate cancer, whether it is me, a brother, or a friend – it is bound to happen. Everyone around the age of 40 should have a conversation with their doctor about their prostate and get it checked…"

Doctors say that many deaths from prostate cancer can be prevented by early detection and they recommend eating right, know your family history and see your doctor if you are over 40 years-old to develop a proactive prostate care plan.

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