Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink and the Truth About Love poster

Pink posters abound in #Toronto advertising her Truth About Love album which releases today; September 18, 2012. I love the whole design, the shoes, the touch of lingerie and the attitude really come out in this cool poster. These type of advertisements fill the temporary construction fences that protect people along the sidewalk - you know the ones that say "POST NO BILLS". Generally the ads tend to promote either music or movies and sometimes you get lucky and they show undies.
I say these walls are perfect for billboards and graffiti so I don't mind them full of posters or other street art.
Baron Cohen's Dictator posters
La SENZA: Own it, Rock it poster

Advertisers love to cover these walls with posters - it is a cheaper than paying to put them up on billboards throughout the city, especially with the Toronto billboard taxes. Plus a lot of the billboards are being made into giant and expensive televisions. It's all about the money - $$$ Ka-Ching!
graffiti on the construction fence

On Queen Street West they have taken movie posters to a new level with the murals covering the entire side of a building. See the advertisements for the Expendables and Resident Evil after the jump.

Expendables 2

Resident Evil: Retribution

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