Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue Birds of Happiness in #Toronto

On the ceiling of the RBC Plaza South Tower lobby at 200 Bay at Front Street is an art installation called Air Pressure from Studio F Minus. A flock of oversize blue birds made from cotton hang from wires, flapping their wings, while not going anywhere in particular. Air Pressure is just one in a number of installations located around various Oxford Properties in Toronto and which are meant to celebrate Earth Week 2012.
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The building also takes part in lights out Toronto which helps to reduce unnecessary deaths of migratory birds attracted to the bright lights in high rise buildings at night.

"Tasked with creating a massive, multi-location installation that addresses the importance of keeping our air clean, Studio F Minus had to tackle a considerable artistic challenge: How can an artwork express air itself? Rather than create illustrations, data visualizations, or charts describing the impact of air quality on life on earth, Studio F Minus created a unique series of whimsical bird-like sculptures that actually use air in a very literal way, as a life-force to animate the artwork. This relationship between the sculpture and air parallels our own dependence on clean air, and highlights the importance of ecologically responsible initiatives to reduce greenhouse emissions."

See more birds after the jump.

Map of the art installations - you can also find it on the website link provided at top
Richmond Adelaide Centre at York 130 Adelaide W at York
Dundee Place at 1 Adelaide E at Yonge

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