Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marine Security Enforcement Teams in Toronto

A fast patrol catamaran was cruising in #Toronto Harbour, painted with both coast guard and police markings, and pulled into the Fire Departments dock beside the William Lyon MacKenzie fire and rescue boat. The Canadian Coast Guard members were running the Simmonds and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had a contingent assigned to the boat as well. The combination is known as a Marine Security Enforcement Team (MSET) and there are four of them operating on the Great Lakes and St Lawrence Seaway.
The fast response and security force is a new marine program to aid national security and strengthen Canada's ability to respond to offshore threats. The four boats are temporary and will be replaced with four permanent patrol boats when they have been completed which is anticipated to be in 2013.
"These Marine Security Enforcement Teams (MSETs) are integrated dedicated units staffed with members from provincial and municipal departments along with the RCMP, working in uniform onboard mid-shore patrol vessels that are crewed by the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).

These teams are deployed to patrol the Great Lakes/St Lawrence Seaway (GL/SLS). Their primary role is to safeguard and address federal on water enforcement requirements and provide an armed fast-response capacity to address potential threats. These dedicated vessels also, as required, serve as platforms for Marine Security Emergency Response Teams (MSERT)."

I asked them where they were based out of but they said they didn't have a permanent station. Crews must rotate into and out of the boats along their enforcement region.
Near the William Lyon MacKenzie fire boat is the Toronto Fire Boat Sora sitting on dry land, getting a touch up paint job. This boat was surplussed from the Canadian Coast Guard and presented to the Toronto Fire Service. It will fill in for the W L MacKenzie when it is not available for service.

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