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High Park: No blossoms, Save the Zoo and Fire Damage

High Park was relatively quiet on Saturday, March 31, 2012 as the Cherry Blossoms have yet to come out in one of  the best parks in #Toronto. You could even get parking spots in the park! It looks like the buds on the trees will soon be ready to bloom in the next week or two. And even when the trees aren't in bloom High Park is one of the best places in Toronto to spend a day - get out before the zoo closes (see more of that below).
Red leaves and buds have started to fill the Japanese Cherry Trees (Someiyoshino Prunus Yedoensis Matsum) that dot the park. The 2000 trees were a gift of the citizens of Metropolitan Tokyo and planted in 1959. They have become part of Toronto's right of spring and beautiful weather and the blooming flowers brings out fans by the thousands.
In full bloom the trees look like they are full of snow because the flowers are bright white and fill the branches, for now the trees are a little sparse.

I passed through the Zoo which is slated to close in June of 2012. People are rallying to try to save the zoo which is free to visitors of the park.

The famous wooden children playground is still in operation with only a small part of the extensive buildings damaged by the arson caused fire which occurred in the very early morning of Saturday, March 17, 2012. Toronto Police have released information that Christian Kupiecki was charged on March 23 with Arson and Attempt to obstruct justice in the case. The families still come out to play in Jamie Bell Playground.

Canadian Tire has stepped forward and offered $60,000 to rebuild the damaged park. $50k will come from the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity and $10 is coming from two store managers. "For 90 years, Canadian Tire has been an anchor in Canadian communities. Children having fun, playing and enjoying the outdoors is one of the core reasons why we exist as a company - and is why we want to make sure the Jamie Bell Adventure Park is quickly rebuilt for Toronto's families, said Duncan Fulton, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire will work closely with City Councillor Sarah Doucette and the City of Toronto to ensure a quick rebuild of the High Park playground so families can again enjoy this important Toronto landmark."
A Canada Goose

See the leash free dog zone and more nature and wildlife after the jump.
Come for the butt sniffing and stay for the play
They have upgraded the fences and gates in the leash free zone
Squirrels abound

Cute chipmunks are harder to spot
People still damage the trees with carvings - this one asks Lori to marry him, with a heart

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