Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flashmob Proposal in #Toronto

#Yorkville was the place to be for the Saturday, April 28, 2012 #mprovToronto (I.t) performance of Flashmob Proposal. The last we had seen I.t they had gathered at Old City Hall with another musical flashmob: Best Busker Song. They brought back the music to serenade a young couple in love, where a marriage proposal would follow the song - and she said yes!
Oliver brings his guitar to the table and asks if he can sing a song - she seems a little surprised
"They will both be going out for lunch. While eating they are approached by a man with a guitar, asking if they would like a song. He gets both their names then he begins singing. Talking about when they first met, and the memorable moments in their life so far. At this point she’s very confused at how he knows these things. As the song builds, more and more people join in. Everyone from the surrounding tables, people from the streets, etc. A the song gets to the end, he gets down on one knee."
Practicing before the big event
In the afternoon of the big day the members of I.t gathered in the park on Cumberland Street, practicing for the big song, waiting for the right time to head to the site of the proposal: Trattoria Nervosa at the corner of Bellair St and Yorkville Ave. Finally the crowd streams out of the park heading to the restaurant when a guitarist appears at the table of the intended and asks if he could sing a song for her. Soon he is joined by a giant group of musicians and singers belting out the Proposal Song, written by Oliver Bailey.

Verse 1 
F# D#m 
Stumbling and falling way back in middle school 
I never knew it would be you 
Who’d steal my heart at waterloo.
The group in action

As he moves in to propose

The best part of flashmobs, besides the happy faces of the participants anticipating the flashmob, is the looks of the people who see the large crowds waiting to perform curious as to what is happening (or about to happen) and then the amazement as they watch the flashmob perform. Another great job that brought smiles to many Torontonians today. The members of I.t gather together on the Yorkville Rock after the event for a group picture at top.

See more photos after the jump.
On knee for the proposal
The happy couple after she said yes and the crowd starts to disperse

Now back to some of the earlier moments.

The size of the group is impressive as they gather on Cumberland Street
Practicing the song

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