Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harbour Ferry fun

The City of #Toronto ferry service has started it's spring schedule (April 13 - May 24, 2012) and rows over to Centre Island, Hanlan's Island and Ward's Island (they only go to Ward's Island in the winter). The ferry docks are at Bay Street and Queens Quay and they have brand spanking new cash booths. The recent purchase of longer paddles make it easier to reach the water from the higher decks. The sailors pound out the cadence and when you don't row fast enough they tickle you with feathers. The rowing may get you a little too tired to wander the islands but it helps the city save big bucks in fuel costs. If you get good at rowing you can always make the transition to dragon boat racing which is extremely popular in the inner harbour.
During winter the boats are wrapped for protection against the elements - the signs say 'NOT IN SERVICE'
I think that is a big, white periscope. The ships have to dive when a plane comes in for a landing on the island airport

The largest attraction on the chain of small independent nation states is Centre Island's Centreville Amusement Park. It opens on the weekends starting in May and goes into full operation starting June 2nd. You can also just enjoy the nature, boardwalks and beaches with the island paths just perfect for biking and exploring all the nooks and crannies.
Once you are on the island you have to start complaining about the airport, it being all noisy and planey.
Plane landing on the island airport with the city in the background
The view of the city from one of the Island ferry docks
Coming back from the Island, boy the passengers can really row, that thing is moving. They are about to pull up to the Ward's Island ferry and take it over - pirate style. Adult fares are 6.50; dollars or doubloons.

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