Friday, April 06, 2012

All About Pets Show

I know that #Toronto likes bikes and pets and last week it was bikes, so this week it is time for cute animals at the All About Pets Show running April 6-8, 2012 at the International Centre. It was a World of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish and had dog demonstrations, pet adoptions and a grooming showcase. If you could cuddle it or feed it I think it was there. Unlike Woofstock you couldn't bring your own pet to the show, which was disappointing because the animals and their outfits are often far better than looking at bags of dog treats.
You could bring your youngsters to the show and enjoy the Kids Play and Learn Zone where they could get their face painted and even meet a chinchilla, iguana, hedgehog, parrot and Easter Bunnies.
The extensive list of Exhibitors had plenty of pet accessories for sale and in between you could see animals perform, grab a pony ride and look at the cats in bag cages. The big shows were the Royal Canin Championship and Household Pet Cat Show - which is sanctioned by the Canadian Cat Association.

Posted by Joe Hamilton. See more cute pictures after the jump.

I don't know if the tortoise and the hare were racing or sleeping together - is that even allowed?

Holding the big snake

Marlies big dog mascot

This dog was pink and wearing a dress

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