Saturday, April 28, 2012

Galen Weston President's Choice BBQ at Distillery District

Galen Weston, pictured above, was filming the next President's Choice commercial in the historic #Toronto Distillery District on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Summer was served with a free barbeque lunch on Trinity Lane as Galen and his film crew mingled with the hundreds who dropped by for the free food and to enjoy the red-bricked neighbourhood.

You could pick up President's Choice burgers (including meat free), chicken sliders, corn and vegetable skewers and slap them on a long double row of barbecues, cook your own lunch, then drop by the tables for the fixings, salads, sides and drinks. Afterwards you could grab a free ice cream, smoothie bars or ice cream sandwiches.

See more of Galen and the President's Choice BBQ after the jump.

A non-meat burger joins some sirloin burgers on the Q

City of Toronto Location Filming Vehicle Permit

The food was great and tasted even better because it was free. I am sure that many people will be watching the upcoming commercial hoping they can get a glimpse of themselves on television.

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