Saturday, April 14, 2012

High Park Cherry Blossoms

Okay #Toronto, the cherry blossoms in High Park are ready to be enjoyed. Join thousands of others down at the beautiful forest park and see a sea of white blossoms floating in the air. Sunday is supposed to be thunder storms so today might be the best chance to come see the flowers.
Besides the view, bees seem to be liking the flowery signs of spring.
If you can walk or take public transit it would probably be better than trying to find a parking spot during blossom time. The path along Grenadier Pond has the best views of the trees as they bracket the walkway. There are some others near the leash free pet zone and in the interior of the park there are a couple as well.

See more blossoms after the jump.

The view from Grenadiers Pond

Photo of James by Joe Fresh

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