Sunday, April 15, 2012

#WizardWorld #Toronto Comic Con '12: Day 2

The fun continues at the Comic Con held April 14-15, 2012 in the north hall of  the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. More cosplay, more stars and still plenty of comics! The Ghostbusters battle the Alien in the photo at top. Especially enjoyable today was the Quantum Leap reunion with Scott Bakula (Dr Sam Beckett) and Dean Stockwell (Admiral Al Calavicci).
Scott and Dean 
Female Superheroes

Batman and Batwoman
Amy Acker
Artist Ken Turner

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Transformed during the transformation

More of the Quantum Leap reunion
The first couple of rows at the reunion
The crowd loved the stories of the two actors who helped to bring the show to life during it's 4.5 year 97 hour run. The moderator asked questions and fans lined up to ask questions of the two. Scott said he was most recognized for Leap, though not by much over other things like Star Trek Enterprise. He said he would do the show all over again in a heartbeat. They said the last show was written not knowing if it was going to be the actual last episode or if it would be picked up again or turned into a made for TV movie. Scott Bakula thinks it's better to have Sam Beckett still out there looking after people. Dean thought that his favourite episode was the pilot because it had a sense of adventure and a promise of what is to come. They mentioned some of the story ideas included leaping into Tom Selleck, leap into a baby and even some animated episodes.

Gamer rooms
The artists and the illustrations were fantastic and plenty of people were taking advantage of the getting their purchases autographed by the creators.

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