Friday, September 02, 2011

Toronto Air Show Practice

I went out on the ferry to Hanlan's Point on the Islands early in the morning to watch the Friday practice for the Canadian International Air Show (CIAS). The aerial show runs throughout the long weekend as part of the Canadian National Exhibition and starts tomorrow (Saturday, September 3, 2011). I passed a couple of navy ships as the ferry pulled away from the docks, the ships included the Montreal which you can tour while it is parked at the Quay.
The day started off a little foggy but seemed to promise a great day. Well I was wrong about that, the fog pulled a San Francisco and rolled in over the harbour, looking it up tight and screwing up the practice. A couple planes got out in the air before the fog really took over the sky and once the fog hit the planes were grounded. I waited a few hours before finally heading back on the ferry to Queens Quay.
Then around noon the sun burned out the fog and the planes took to the sky. Gosh darn it - couldn't get any good shots during the rest of the practice even as the fighter jets screamed over the city and the Snowbirds circled around the lake in formation.

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