Friday, September 30, 2011

One sleep before the Sleepless Night

The excitement builds for the start of the 2011 edition of Nuit Blanche, it's opposite Les Rues Des Refuses and the roller derby version called Bout Blanche. A trifecta of cultural, artistic and sporting events that begins at 7pm Saturday night (the first day of October) and continues until sunrise on Sunday.
Pictures are from 2009 Nuit Blanche Fashion Exhibition at the Distillery District.

I plan to join my brother Joe Fresh on the journey of enlightenment beginning with some real woman, real hits and real heart of the Toronto Roller Derby up at their new location in the Bunker at Downsview Park. The double header fuels the rivalry of Toronto versus Hamilton  with doors open at 5pm and the bout beginning at 6pm. Later we head to the heart of the city where we will park and break out the bikes - it makes visiting multiple sites so much easier without the hassles of traffic or parking and more freedom than riding the better way.

Our first stop of the night will probably be Les Rues Des Refuses with some Renegade Rave and Roving Parade by the Rothko Institute and the Renegade Nuclear Physics Laboratory where hundreds of participants will gather beside the ROM waiting for the signal to head out on their music fueled journey through the city streets.

Later we will begin the wild ride which will bring us through some of the Nuit Blanche projects. It is probably impossible to visit all of the projects within the single night, mostly because the crowds will hamper your progress, so you have to pick and choose your targets. Early tours of the artwork will find sometimes overwhelming visitors so be prepared to wait in line or bail for less popular or larger works that can accommodate more people.

I tend to keep away from straight video installations as I search for bold, visual, energetic performances and materials. The unusual is something I prize. Parts of Bay Street, Yonge Street, Queen Street and Queens Park Crescent will be closed for the event and there are usually a few large scale exhibits at these locations.

If you are out and about on the long night and see me don't hesitate to say hi! Let the party begin Toronto.

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