Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sugar and Salt boats

Most people will put salt and sugar on the table, maybe the sugar in cute little cubes, the salt in funny little shakers next to the pepper mill. In Toronto we do everything in a big way. Beside the Redpath Sugar factory the pier is often visited by St Lawrence freighters that are dropping off raw sugar to be refined and shipped to customers all over Canada. You can watch the action from Sugar Beach.
Sugar Beach chairs beside Redpath Sugar.

Natural Cane Sugar Crane

Along the harbour at Cherry Beach you can see large piles of salt being moved from ships to shore using long conveyor belts. The salt then sits like immovable mountains covered over in tarps, some of it dissolving and already rusting your car. Now if someone can point out the rest of the Margarita fleet I think it's time for a cocktail.
Dropping off the salt at Cherry Beach.

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