Monday, September 05, 2011

Last day of the CNE

Lakeshore was jammed, parking lots were jammed and the Exhibition was jammed, only our wallets were empty after visiting the Canadian National Exhibition - those deep fried butter and Twinkies were expensive (we didn't see the donut cheeseburgers though).
Panorama of the midway.
Coming in for a day of fun we inched forward on Lake Shore Boulevard heading towards the grand old lady. As the stop and go traffic moved slowly we watched the Canadian International Air Show that was going on over our heads and into the heart of the city - it was a good viewpoint sometimes.
I was greatly surprised at how busy it was and how cold the last day ended up being. People dressed only in shorts or t-shirts were freezing. Had it rained I am sure that the grounds would have been empty of 95% of the visitors - but it didn't so we squished in with the rest of the crowd and wandered throughout the midway and into some of the buildings.
The Mardi Gras Parade was pretty neat and we caught tons of beaded necklaces thrown from the floats (see photo above). All in all it was a nice visit and I am glad we made it in. There are more pictures after the jump.

Food Building

Pigs at the Farm at the Ex.
Cows at the Farm at the Ex.
Blow up cow from you know who.

Pictures by Erin and James.

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