Saturday, September 10, 2011

Annual Toronto GWN Dragon Boat Challenge

The 17th Annual GWN Dragon Boat Challenge in support of Children's Wish took place in Toronto's inner harbour over the Saturday September 10 to Sunday September 11, 2011 weekend. The rowers started early with races beginning at 7:30am and the last race of the day goes at 4:20pm on Saturday and 3:42pm on Sunday.
There were over 100 teams competing in the mixed, open and womenw categories. Some of the more interesting team names were Blades of Fury, CSA Raiders of the Lost Paddle, Hell on Keel, Junk in the Trunk, Toronto Police Crime Waves, The Meat Missile, I'd Tap That and That's What She Said.
Up to six boats competed at one time. They pulled their long boats ahead of the start line, then backed into position. The officials lined up the boats, called attention, then the water around the boats exploded as the team dug their paddles into the waters as the race began. They pounded down the lanes identified by coloured balls floating in the water.
Each boat has twenty paddlers, a steerer, or sweep, at the back and someone at the bow that calls out the cadence - they even have a drum. That's a lot of people in the long, narrow boat. A dragon head is at the front and at the back there is a dragon's tail.
This dragon is hungry and is trying to eat a duck.

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