Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Report all activists to the police!

Advertising posters tend to make up most of the visual garbage plastered onto all forms of street furniture. This time I found some good old fashioned propaganda style sayings using good old fashioned photos, looking like an late 60's, early 70's advert in a fancy home or beauty magazine.

Beside the headline asking you to 'report all activists to the police' you can also find four signs of political dissent which include free-thinking, library usage, optimism and illicit lifestyle (used clothing, recycles, gardens or rides a bicycle). Examples of subversive agents are shown to be helpful - I think it might have been the cast of Bewitched.
'Stay the course. Capitalism is going great!'
'Third World Exploitation? Count me in!'
'Dance your fears away!'
Fears include peak oil, austerity, climate change, etc.

Back to current posters - here is Toronto subculture's greatest target, Mayor Rob Ford, in a spoof of Barack Obama's Hope poster, he is the big 'NOPE'.

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