Monday, September 05, 2011

Cool Fall weather in Toronto

After a scorching long holiday weekend the September weather brings historic average temperatures of 23 degrees. Only 23 stinking degrees! Most students will begin their school year sometime this week so if you have an empty nest you can get out in the big world and check out stuff that they don't like. Then you can drop by a patio and cry about the money they are costing you for a big party and maybe a bit of education.
The Pavillion, boardwalk and beach at Sunnyside Beach is quiet in the early morning sun and the Sunnyside - Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool and the elevated lifeguard chair are empty as they await the opening later in the day, pictures above. Update: Sunnyside pool was emptied of most of it's water, sometime early September,  in preparation for winter 2011.
The pool sits empty, waiting for winters cold.

Watching the air show I burned my feet on the hot, hot sand of Hanlan's Point Beach. Now I sit by my window and I feel the cool wind blowing into the house - I really should put some clothes on and shut the window. Speaking of lack of clothes, we will have to wait for next summer for the Chin Picnic and Bikini Contest.
All is not lost because I remember going to small town fairs in the middle of September and it being on the warm side. Enjoy the beaches, wading pools, pools and patios around town while you still can. Here are some random beach pictures.
Cherry Beach and the lifeguard row boats.

See more pictures after the jump.

HTO Park umbrellas and sand.
Boating in the inner harbour has become a huge sport. Here are some canoes pulled up on the beach.
Wading pool being filled up.
Very popular volleyball at Ashbridges Bay.
Ferry to Hanlan's Point.

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