Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a Fair fall: Acton Fall Fair

The Canadian National Exhibition CNE is just a memory now but in the GTA it is FAll Fair Season, which is an open season I believe, bag as many as you want, no limits. The homecraft competitions with baking, sewing and crafts pump zillions of red, white and blue ribbons into the local economy so that one day they will replace cash. Fairs generally start on the Friday and run all the way to Sunday evening.
My local fair is the Acton Fall Fair - yeah, Go Acton!

They have been setting up the fair, getting the rides ready, laying out the tractor pull course and polishing the apples for the candy apple treats. You can see some of my pictures of the 2010 Acton Fall Fair here. My wife, Ann, is in the Homecraft division of the fair organization - yeah, Go Ann! The fair guys said that their Ferris Wheel is off site awaiting an engineering inspection and it has LEDs, much like Toronto's cool setup at the CNE (It never made it to site this year).
Early tomorrow the fair opens for Education Day and Acton Sobeys will serve about two thousand free Maple Leaf hotdogs to the children attending in Prospect Park. The Fair then officially opens later Friday at 4pm with adult entrance costs of $9 or $18 for a weekend pass.
Agricultural activities, animals, rides, baby show, baking, art, tractor pulls, Miss Acton pageant and tons more entertainment.
You can attend more GTA fairs over the next couple of weeks including the Bolton Fall Fair, the Erin Fair and the Markham Fall Fair.

See lots of photos after the jump - including heavy horse pulls, rides at night, the Miss Acton pageant contestants and the parade through town.

Heavy Horse Pull.

Bright, colourful lights on the rides at night.

A spongebob crazy portrait.

Miss Acton 2011 receives her crown from Miss Acton 2010.

The Saturday parade led by the Legion and the Acton Citizens Band.
Doing flips in the street.
The Miss Acton winners wave to the crowds.
Every little town parade needs the Rameses Shriners and their little cars.
Tractor pulls.

4x4 smoke belching heavy duty diesel pickup truck pulls.

Equestrian events including horse jumping.
 Baking and craft competitions. Here are the winners of the fruit crisp baking challenge.

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