Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Zombies will soon walk

Cool weather scares the zombies hiding in their graves, when winter hits Toronto the frozen ground makes it hard to break out and start their brain eating parties. I don't know what they fear more; frozen ground, gunfire to the head or the lineups at TIFF. Thea Munster has put out the word and that word is that the 2011 Toronto Zombie Walk is scheduled for Saturday, October 22 at 2pm starting in Trinity-Bellwoods Park. Later, if the Zombies survive the walk, much of Canada will join them in the horror known as Halloween which occurs Monday, October 31, 2011.
Those scary guys even have a scary Facebook page which says 'They came, at first, in groups of two and three. With each passing year, their numbers grow - along with their vile cravings for deliciously succulent human brains. Some day, their guttural moans and outstretched hands may well outnumber those of the terrified living. Join them. On October 22nd the dead will rise for the 9th annual Toronto Zombie Walk!!"

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