Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No. 210 Simcoe Condo at Queen St W

Queen St West is a place where the bad boys and girls play, or maybe just the slightly bad. Some buildings on the wild west side are changing. No 210 Simcoe was a corner store that for a long time was a complete advertisement for the latest movies - you can see it promoting Harry Potter here in the background and I seem to recall it was made up as a restaurant selling blood to vampires for the move Daybreakers, now it is on it's way to being a classy condo.
The posters were covered over and plywood covers the entrance, inside the workers are busy remodeling, later up goes a new outside with a bunch of big, black glass. In a short while a 25-storey condominium will rise on the site. The sales office looks purty.

Building's got a new coat for winter.

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1 comment:

arrielle_p said...

Nice to see the they remove the posters and plywood. Now it looks great.

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