Friday, September 23, 2011

Distillery District Egg Beater

There is not too much art in the bricky and Historic Distillery District that is understated or that flies under the radar. It is an atmosphere of I am art - hear me roar, from the large spider to the giant egg beater ('Still Dancing' pictured above in Trinity Square which "is a 36 foot tall sculpture constructed in aluminum, steel and structural cast resins. It is the creation of internationally renowned artist, Dennis Oppenheim. ).  
The scary monster named Koilos, above, sits "Crouching in Distillery Lane, is Koilos, a fourteen foot tall sculpture constructed of hand cut sheet metal. Sculptor Michael Christian explains that Koilos, sits with its legs ready to move, pounce or play."

You can see additional posts of the Distillery District sculptures here: FEEL, the District, putting the egg beater together and Freaky Sculptures.

The Victorian Industrial revival setting is a place to be for wandering and watching, or even for taking pictures of large, happy wedding parties. There are lots of event held throughout the year so you should always take a chance and drop by - I saw an art festival there which featured works from among many others.
The place is so hep cat cool that I thought these cones against the old building were not merely traffic cones but were instead a heart wrenching art installation that speaks out against the clash of traffic and the safety that rules and lines provide to humanity, with a hint of sexuality in the male/female tangle of rough plastic.

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