Sunday, September 04, 2011

Massive train derailment at Roundhouse Park

I had recently posted an article about trains and the Roundhouse Park in Toronto when I found myself once again in the area of Rogers Centre and the CN Tower on Saturday, September 3, 2011. The large tent which contained the play Railway Children had been taken down and the Steam Whistle Brewery was booming - there was even a wedding reception going on. It was late afternoon when the miniature train carrying children around the tiny gauge railway track derailed and the engine plow off the track and onto the sidewalk. The engineers made sure everyone made it off the small train safe then they surveyed the damage in the photo at top.
Train staff sell tickets to the train ride as passengers start to fill the cars.
The train pulls out and everyone thinks things are all rosy, but we know better.
With a large thump the heavy train engine goes off track and twists metal as the train comes to a quick halt. Children are helped off their seats and they manhandle all but the engine back onto the track. They said they had to get a forklift to lift the engine. From what I could see there were no hazardous materials on this train - unlike the famous 1979 Mississauga Train Derailment.

See more pictures of the park after the jump.

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