Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Gods of Roller Derby: Blood and Thunder in #Toronto

Team Canada led off the first of the four days of bouts in the first ever Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup 2011 hosted by Toronto Roller Derby (ToRD) at the Bunker in Downsview Park. The international flat track roller derby competition runs from Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4, 2011. These photos are from previous ToRD games.
The first game started at 5pm and featured Team Canada vs Team France. Canada crushed France 244 to 17. Ohhh, jam on that baby! You can also check out ToRD's twitter feed for up to date information You can watch the games live on the Derby News Network (DNN).
Watching the bouts online I was tres disappointed that the fantabulous outfits that the ladies usually wear are in the closet and not out on the track.

The 13 teams competing from around the world are: Argentina All-Stars Roller Derby, Team Australia, Brasil Roller Derby, Team Canada, Team England, Team Finland Roller Derby, Roller Derby France, Roller Derby Germany, All Ireland Roller Derby, New Zealand Roller Derby, Team Scotland Roller Derby, Team Sweden Roller Derby and Team USA Roller Derby.

These are the bouts where the teams have been identified (after the jump):

Thursday Dec 1st

5:00pm ESTTeam Canada v Team France, Canada won 244 to 17.
5:30pm ESTTeam Germany v Team Australia, Australia won 136 to 53. 
6:15pm ESTTeam Argentina v Team Ireland
6:45pm ESTTeam USA v Team New Zealand, USA beats NZ.
7:45pm ESTTeam Brasil v Team Sweden
8:00pm ESTTeam Australia v Team Finland
9:00pm ESTTeam USA "Stars" v Team USA "Stripes"

Friday Dec 2nd

9:30am ESTTeam Ireland v Team England
10:00am ESTTeam Scotland v Team New Zealand
10:45am ESTTeam Canada v Team Sweden
11:15am ESTTeam Germany v Team Finland
12:00pm ESTTeam Brasil v Team France
12:30pm ESTTeam USA v Team Scotland
1:30pm ESTTeam Argentina v Team England
2:00pm ESTTeam Sweden v Team France
2:45pm ESTTeam Canada v Team Brasil
And here are the balance of the scheduled games:

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